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By April 12, 2019December 5th, 2023Case Studies2 min read
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Zorbaz on Little Pine

Zorbaz on Little Pine is a popular lakeside restaurant that has been a Perham-area attraction for decades. The local eatery, one of 11 locations in Minnesota, draws locals, area vacationers and people across the state and beyond.

People come to Zorbaz for the food and atmosphere, including the friendly staff, fresh ingredients and pizza made with homemade dough. It’s also a popular spot for sports fans. When the game is on the screens and Minnesota’s pro teams are playing, fans like to stick around.

When owner Mike Netland was informed by his television provider, Arvig, that his rates were set to change because of programming fee increases from the big networks, his first thought was the impact of higher costs on his bottom line.

“As a business owner, my first instinct was to protect the pocketbook,” Netland said. “I appreciated the heads up and remember thinking that it was great customer service to actually hear from a rep making sure I knew about and understood what was happening.”

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Going without television service wasn’t an option for his business. His channel lineup, especially the major sports networks, helps bring in customers.

“I ran through my head the benefits these channels offer my business,” Netland said. “Pro sports teams like the Vikings, Wild and Twins are a huge draw for me.”

Considering the costs, Netland had a decision to make: Continue doing business with Arvig, or switch to a national competitor and lose the local connection. He decided to remain an Arvig customer.

“This is a local small business; these people are my neighbors and friends,” Netland said. “They are just as subject to the repercussions of [the network’s] decisions as I am, possibly more.”

Ultimately, the choice to stay with Arvig came down to an inclination to do business with a local company and the impact that has on the community.

“We are happy and proud to pull our weight in Perham, and look forward to finding further opportunities to help our community strengthen and grow more in the years to come.”