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Guides Internet Speed Test Measures: Featured

Speed Tests: The 4 Things It Measures

What is an internet speed test? An internet speed test measures the speed of your internet connection—but there's more to it. Find out more here.
Posted on July 1, 2024
Guides Internet Two Different Roads: Featured

Wired vs Wireless: Two Different Roads To The Same Internet

What is the difference between a wired and wireless internet connection? Learn what makes these internet connection types different.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet When To Use The Internet VS WiFi: Featured

Ethernet Vs WiFi: When To Use Each Connection

Most internet connected devices can connected to the internet through Ethernet or on WiFi, or both. Here's a list of popular wired and wireless devices.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet Better WiFi Or Ethernet: Featured

Is It Better To Be On WiFi Or Ethernet?

WiFi and Ethernet are two different ways of connecting to the internet—but both are useful for your devices. Here's how.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet Accurate Internet Speed Test: Featured

How to Create an Accurate Internet Speed Test

Getting an accurate internet speed test is more than just clicking a button. Here are some tips to get a more accurate measure of your speed.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet WiFi And Internet Same: Featured

Are WiFi And Internet The Same Thing?

Are WiFi and internet the same thing? No, not really, but they're closely related. Here's a deeper look at the question.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet Better Internet: Featured

4 Things You Can Do To Get A Better Internet Connection

Need a stronger WiFi signal? Check out this guide for four tips for more reliable and consistent internet speeds.
Posted on June 11, 2024
Guides Internet How Fast: Featured

How Fast is Your Internet…Really?

Don’t let a sluggish internet connection dampen your holiday spirit. Test your speed, and see how it compares to your plan.
Posted on November 7, 2023
Guides Internet Email Settings Setup: Featured

Email Settings & Setup

Learn about your email settings and how to set up your email on all of your devices.
Posted on April 28, 2023
Guides Internet Speed Test: Featured

Run a Speed Test

Running an internet speed test is quick and easy. Learn how to test your speed from your browser with this short guide.
Posted on May 20, 2022