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By June 11, 2024Internet Guides2 min read
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4 Things You Can Do To Get A Better Internet Connection

  1. Show your router some love!
    Find a central hub in your home for your router, somewhere free from signal-stealing obstructions including microwaves, walls, windows and cordless phones. Proper placement allows for better travel of WiFi traffic and ensures a steady signal.
  2. When you can, plug it in!
    Game consoles, desktop computers and streaming boxes will generally enjoy more consistent speeds and less signal interference with a wired connection via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Budget your bandwidth!
    Downloading and streaming are bandwidth-intensive. Download large files such as movies, music and audiobooks during off-peak traffic times. Save files to your hard drive. You’ll still be able to enjoy them anytime—offline—without gobbling up bandwidth. If you can, schedule automatic system updates on your devices for overnight, when the network is less busy.
  4. Upgrade your network!
    Range extenders, repeaters and mesh networks can help with wireless dead zones or hard-to-reach corners of your home. Range extenders and repeaters grab existing Wi-Fi signals from your router and re-broadcasts them. Mesh networks use a series of nodes set up in the home to distribute a wireless signal.