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By June 11, 2024Internet Guides2 min read
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Are WiFi And Internet The Same Thing?

Over the years, the internet and WiFi have become such common terms that they are often used interchangeably. Though they’re closely tied—they depend on each other in fact—they are not quite the same thing.

The internet
The internet is a web, a massive global communications network of computers, connected devices and websites. It’s a series of thousands of interconnected networks that allow communication around the world.

WiFi—what we commonly know as wireless internet—is the technology that allows you to connect your computer, tablet, television, gaming system, smartphone, smart home technology and other devices to the internet without a cable. Your router sends those signals—transmitted through radio waves—across your home network to all internet-enabled devices, wired and wireless alike.

What ties them together
The internet makes WiFi possible and WiFi makes the internet connectivity wireless. When you connect to the internet, you’re actually connecting to a router that is then connecting to the modem that is then connecting to the internet. You can be “connected” to the internet even without a physical wire—and that’s what makes WiFi such a special way of enjoying the internet and the online experience.