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By March 3, 2023September 26th, 2023Power Outages Guides2 min read

Network Operations Center Plays a Big Role

Arvig’s Network Operations Center (NOC) actively monitors Arvig’s entire network every day of the week and around the clock. During extreme weather events in particular, special attention is focused on the nodes that are crucial to supplying internet service. These devices are monitored for operational issues, and, importantly, that adequate power is being supplied. While nodes are being monitored, the NOC team works closely with the Help Desk to ensure staff are aware of any outages.

Additionally, Arvig actively monitors and communicates with regional power companies to diagnose power outages as a root cause. Some equipment can notify Arvig that power was lost prior to shutting down, which also provides confirmation of potential power outages in the area.

The NOC dispatches technicians for repair of any nodes that do not come back online after a power outage. Arvig sees occasional issues after power outages. Breakers sometimes need to be reset. Power supplies may be damaged by power surges or power sags and need to be replaced. In rare cases, other equipment is damaged and might need to be replaced.