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Protection Plans

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Like any insurance, we have it but hope we never need it. And thankfully, in some instances, we never do. But having a backup plan for the unexpected gives us peace of mind for life’s little surprises.

Protection Plans are available for Arvig internet and/or telephone services and will cover:

  • Wires chewed by animals & incidental damage.
  • Lightning strikes that affect the wires and Arvig equipment providing Arvig service(s).
  • Identification & repair of inside wiring & jacks for telephone and/or internet.
  • Unattached buildings: If the customer has a remote extension, the inside wiring for the unattached building(s) are also covered when they pay the Internet and/or Phone Protection Plan monthly fee.
  • Basic wear & tear on properly installed wiring.
  • Service trouble calls.
  • Service affecting issues.
  • Wiring that connects the outlet to the customer’s devices or to other equipment:
    • Phone Protection Plan: phone wiring between the phone jack & phone.
    • Internet Protection Plan: outlets used to deliver internet services.
  • No charges for trip and/or time (labor) for the above items.

Whether you consider yourself lucky, or you’re not superstitious at all; you live in an older home, or even a newer home, odds are that one day you’ll experience an issue which would be covered by an Arvig Protection Plan.