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By September 25, 2023October 3rd, 2023Scams Guides2 min read
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Watch Out For Cyber Monsters!

Cyber threats can be scary, and for good reason. Malware can be lurking in a suspicious email you’re convinced to click.

But never fear! While torches, pitchforks and silver bullets never put down a data breach, a resilient security culture in your home and organization is your best bet for keeping the beasts at bay.

Meet the Monsters

Guides Scams Cyber Monsters: Hackula

Count Hackula
Whether by brute force or the charm of social engineering, Count Hackula is desperate to drain your devices and networks of vital personal identifiable information (PII). Ensure your systems are safe from this monster with secure passwords and the knowledge to know enough to see past Count Hackula’s mesmerizing gaze.

Guides Scams Cyber Monsters: Spoofy Steve

Spoofy Steve
Wrapped in ancient layers of digital cloth, Spoofy Steve hides his scammy intentions from all but the most insightful. Use well-honed social-engineering-spotting skills to avoid his tricks as he pretends to be a friend or coworker asking for sensitive information.

Guides Scams Cyber Monsters: Breachatrix

Breachatrix le Phish
This sister of the night has her evil eye set on the most valuable of targets, so beware! Breachatrix le Phish will swoop in to cast her spear phishing spells to steal secrets and treasure but can be warded off with a resilient security culture in your home and organization.

Guides Scams Cyber Monsters: Ransomwolf

Lurking in that innocent-looking file attachment you just downloaded, Ransomwolf is ready to gobble up all your important documents, bounding from folder to folder through the forest of your files. Unlike other werewolves, Ransomwolf is invulnerable to “silver bullets.” Be prepared with both regular backups and a well-trained eye to keep this monster at bay. Don’t wait until this monster turns into something worse!

Guides Scams Cyber Monsters: Frankenphisher

Frankenphisher is stitched together from all the most dangerous pieces of phishing emails; compromised links, malicious attachments, you name it! Before he gets a chance to bust down the door of your network, make sure you know what makes a phishy email phishy.