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By September 8, 2021October 30th, 2023Scams Guides1 min read
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Microsoft Phone Scam

Arvig customers often call our Help Desk about a call they received, allegedly, from Microsoft.

The scammer poses as a “security expert” calling to say that your computer has been infected and they can help you. Some will offer to fix your PC if you give them remote access to your computer. Others will ask you to download a tool, which usually installs malware, that will solve the problem. Regardless, they generally try to charge a large fee for the service. If you refuse to pay, they could lock down your computer.

It’s important to know, Microsoft (or other tech companies) will never call you like this, and you should hang up immediately. If you’re ever unsure if a phone call or email message is legitimate, feel free to contact the Arvig Help Desk at 877.290.0560.