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By September 24, 2023September 25th, 2023Scams Guides2 min read
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Social Media – Hints & Tips

Many people use some form of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. When using social media platforms, it’s important to be careful about what you post. Cybercriminals can use this information in cyberattacks to try and trick you into clicking malicious links.

Be Careful What You Post
Any information that you post on social media could be used to catch your attention in a spear phishing attack. Spear phishing is when cybercriminals target you specifically. For example, if you post online about your rescue dogs, cybercriminals may send you phishing emails spoofing an animal shelter that’s asking for donations. The email could appear legitimate, but cybercriminals are actually trying to trick you into giving them your payment information.

Keep It Private
Cybercriminals may also try to phish you through a direct message. Some cybercriminals will even use online bot accounts to reply to your posts or message you automatically. Luckily, many social media platforms allow you to have a private account and restrict who can contact you. Be sure to use privacy features to protect your personal information from strangers and cybercriminals.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?
Follow the tips below to stay safe when using social media:

  • Think before you post. Cybercriminals can use your personal information in spear phishing attacks to make the attacks appear legitimate.
  • Make your social media accounts private. This helps prevent cybercriminals from using your personal information against you.
  • Be cautious before replying to someone you don’t know online. They could be a cybercriminal in disguise.