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By April 8, 2024Whitepapers4 min read
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How Ethernet Can Benefit Businesses Of All Sizes


With the continuous increase of technology in today’s marketplace, the demand for complex enterprise Ethernet applications is at an all-time high. Arvig’s extensive fiber network throughout Minnesota and its metropolitan areas can provide your business with the stable and seamless transport services needed for an efficient and reliable network.

Whether you are looking to connect several locations or support a large number of users, Arvig’s comprehensive suite of cost-effective Ethernet solutions are designed to provide the performance, reliability and bandwidth your changing business needs. And, as your bandwidth requirements increase, an Ethernet interface from Arvig will provide an environment that is poised for continued business growth while maintaining continuity.

Using next-generation technology, Arvig will design a state-of-the art Ethernet solution to fit your business’ needs today that will also meet the demanding challenges of tomorrow.

  • Fast, secure and reliable high-speed connection
  • Connect locations with point-to-point or a multi-point solution to construct a custom network
  • Flexible and fully scalable solutions, with bandwidth as you need it
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring from a Minnesota-based support team
  • Reliable, dedicated connectivity for seamless data transfer
  • Experienced service representatives who can install and configure your service
  • High-speed dedicated internet access.
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Whitepapers Ethernet: Data Transfer

High-Speed Data Transfer

Ethernet provides high-speed data transfer, allowing businesses to transmit large volumes of data quickly and efficiently. This is crucial for file sharing, video conferences, and accessing cloud-based applications.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Reliable Connection

Reliable Connection

Ethernet connections are known for reliability. Businesses can depend on stable and consistent network connections, reducing the risk of downtime or disruptions in communication and operations.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Scalability


Ethernet networks are easily scalable, making it easy for businesses to expand their network infrastructure as their needs grow. This scalability is essential for accommodating increased data traffic and adding new devices to the network.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Cost Effectiveness


Ethernet is a cost-effective solution for networking, both in terms of initial setup and ongoing maintenance. It often provides a more affordable option compared to other networking technologies.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Versatility


Ethernet is a versatile technology that supports various communication protocols and can be used for different types of applications, including voice, data and video transmission. This versatility makes it suitable for diverse business needs.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Compatibility


Ethernet is widely compatible with a range of devices and technologies. This compatibility simplifies integration with existing equipment and ensures that businesses can easily adopt Ethernet solutions without major disruptions.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Remote Access

Remote Access and Collaboration

Ethernet enables remote access to company resources, facilitating remote work and collaboration. This is especially valuable in today’s business landscape, where remote and distributed teams are common.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Security Features

Security Features

Ethernet networks often come with built-in security features, and businesses can implement additional security measures to protect sensitive data. This is crucial for safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Whitepapers Ethernet: IoT Integration

IoT Integration

With the rise of IoT, Ethernet connectivity provides a robust infrastructure for connecting and managing a growing number of IoT devices in a business environment.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Cerntralized Management

Centralized Management

Ethernet networks can be centrally managed, allowing IT administrators to monitor and control network activities efficiently. This centralized management enhances network performance and security.

Whitepapers Ethernet: Arvig Serves


Industries Arvig Serves

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Technology


Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Connect your organization with a scalable network configuration delivering high-capacity fiber connections. A dedicated User Network Interface (UNI) at each location with a single Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) is used to create a point-to-point Ethernet connection between the (Local Area Network) LANs at your two sites. Select the bandwidth you need, up to 100Gbps.

Whitepapers Ethernet: EPL
Whitepapers Ethernet: EVPL


Ethernet Private Line and Internet

Dedicated point-to-point ethernet circuit connecting your site to one of Arvig’s nearly 300 point-of-presence (POP) locations throughout Minnesota for accessing the internet. Select the bandwidth you need, up to 100Gbps.


Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)

Point-to-multipoint service with two or more user network interfaces (UNIs) with multiple EVCs between them (service multiplexing). Seamlessly flow your information and communications between your multiple locations as on a single LAN. A single multipoint-to-multipoint EVC is assigned to each of the UNIs to establish a meshed network. Select the bandwidth you need at each location up to 100Gbps.

Whitepapers Ethernet: EVPL